Bing Gre Kimchee Price, Inc.

In 1980, Bing Gre Kimchee Pride was established in Queens, New York, with a simple philosophy: to provide fresh kimchee made from the best ingredients. We are dedicated to produce healthy and savory kimchee from a wholesome process marked by our tradition of excellence.

Over 50 different kimchee are available from a variety of ingredients and preparation methods. Our company produces each one with a unique and tasteful combination. Each our manufacturing process is carefully monitored and rigorously followed to produce the finest products.

We have served our customers along the east coat of the U.S. from New England to Florida for over 24 years. “Bing Gre” is a Korean word for “Smile”, which is what our company wants to bring to all who has experienced our fresh and healthy kimchee. Through our commitment and honest, our company will continue to follow our philosophy and bring you and your family a smile, “Bing Gre”

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