What is Kimchee

Kimchee is a Korean traditional vegetable dish, which has been a very important part of Korean diet for many centuries. Variety of pickled cabbage and vegetables is preserved naturally, yielding refreshingly pungent and healthy side dish to accompany any meal.

Why is Kimchee a natural health food?

Bing Gre Kimchee is made only with the freshest cabbage, radish, garlic, ginger, red pepper, and scallion, which alone can make our Kimchee a very healthy and delicious food. In addition to fresh ingredients, our Kimchee is naturally fermented. Its unique sour taste comes from lactobacilli, which is created not by food additives, but through natural fermentation process. Kimchee has more lactic acid bacteria than cheese or yogurt. Lactobacilli are Probiotic Microflora, naturally implanted by mother’s milk, normally presented in a healthy human digestive tract. This fermented food is known as an appetite stimulant, as well as for its low calories. Kimchee is high in fibers, vitamins A and C and minerals Kimchee was once hailed as “one of the most natural and mineral-rich diet dish” by a major U.S. newspapers.

How can I eat Kimchee?

Be creative and adventurous! Try Bing Gre kimchee with everything from pizza and noodles, to steak and salad. Kimchee hotdog, Kimchee fried rice, and Kimchee spaghetti are just few examples of fun and excitement Kimchee can bring to an ordinary dish.

Is it delicious?

You bet! Kimchee is delightfully spicy and delicious. Enjoy the pleasure of refreshingly healthy taste of Kimchee.

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